“I’ve got the map of the entire sky in my head as it expands,” the Captain continues, “we’ll fly you to the area of your choosing to create Harmony before we get home ourselves, but that’s for the long term.  Right now, we must learn to fly and get out of here while we still can.”

“We’ll have to use a platform to launch ourselves from and free fall to enable us to spread our wings,” the King remarks, “the Light House is the only place here that is high enough to do this, but we’re nowhere near it.”

“Will we grow wings or make them?” the Captain asks.

“Grow wings?” Labaguette asks as he bursts out laughing, only to feels a sharp pain in his own right wing.

“Not nice,” Loves says, twisting Labaguette’s feathers, “anyone can fly, not just birds”.

“All you have to do is to want it badly enough to believe it.  Your life must depend on it,” Hate continues, twisting the parrot’s feathers on his left wing now.

“That’s rather desperate coming from two ignorant over-emotional words,” Labaguette retorts.  But the pain gets sharper.  “You’ve no right!” he yells, “this has nothing to do with you and—“

Now he stops short as the words have extended the pain to spread to his neck and it has the better of him.

“Stop torturing my parrot!” the Captain commands.  Labaguette looks at the Captain, almost grateful for his tie to him, “let him fly!  Only he can show us the way to the Light House.”

To be continued…©


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