Labaguette is first to feel unusually tired.  There are noises.  Someone is whispering but no one can understand what is being said.

“My wings,” Labaguette finally admits, “I can’t fly any more.  I’m tired.”

“Walk!” the Captain orders.

“Too much responsibility on your shoulders, huh?”, the King snarls, “it takes some effort for one to become wise and age gracefully.”

“I’m not old,” Labaguette answers, “I’m just tired.”

“It’s the weight of the air as you go further up,” Hate intervenes.

“It’s saturated with the spirit of the Light House Keeper,” Love says.

“Is he dead?” Labaguette continues.

“He and the Light House are one,” Love says.

“I can’t take another step,” the King confesses unexpectedly.

“A minute ago,” the Captain says, “you—“

“—Is this the end?” Labaguette asks.

“Not so,” Hate replies.

“Enlighten us,” the King insists.

“We don’t have the time for this, we might die as this planet explodes,” the Captain says.

“You need the history to overcome the Light House Keeper,” Love says.  “Besides, no books have ever said that we, Hate & Love, would die during this planet’s undoing.”

“True,” the Captain confirms after a quick review of his scanned books.

“The Light House,” Love begins, “is a house where all rejected and unwanted books land.  There’s a dump not far from here that sucks up bad books and lets them lie there until they’re dealt with.  When their time comes, they’re burnt into the furnace-with-no-name which makes words disappear for ever.

To be continued…©


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