“It’s come close to it many times,” Love continues, “the Light House Keeper is terrified of the Librarians and what they might do to him, including setting him up for eternal death.  This is why he’s never failed to provide bad words and bad books: to keep the fire under control.  He knows all too well that if he failed in any way, his body would be hung above the fire where it would be licked by the eternal flames and that once the torture would be over, he’d be reminded of the pain he suffered at the hands of the Librarians and not be able to fully perform at his job.  This would in turn snow ball in him being tortured again and again and again until eventually he’d be hung above the flames of hell for ever.  His suffering would never end.  He can see the Librarians’ intent in their eyes; it’s to do with the way they look at him.”

“How can this be?” Labaguette asks.

“He saw the Librarians in action, how they burnt bad books that shouldn’t have reached them and hung them above the fire and ensured pages regenerated several times before these books were allowed to meet their fate.  Have you ever heard a book scream?  If you did, you’d be willing to die just to stop hearing the hopelessness in it.”

“I’d never want to die purposely, no matter what,” the Captain insists.

“I’ve my pride too,” the King continues.

“I’d just fly away,” Labaguette says.

“There isn’t enough fear in you, creatures” Hate says, “you haven’t lived through much yet”.

To be continued…©


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