“Light House Keeper is a scaredy-cat, c’mon, Captain, open one of your books and find out how to find him and confront him.”

“I never intended my life to be that of a universal roaming pirate.  Just lead me back to the Insatiable Princess, will you?”

“Capitaine!” Labaguette says, “pick yourself up!”

“I don’t’ mind this life so much,” the King continues, “I like meeting creatures.”

“I’m surrounded by wimps!” Labaguette exclaims as Love & Hate twists his wings once again.

“Living on this planet over centuries has shown us exactly what the Light House Keeper’s heart is truly like and believe us, there is no such thing known as a heart in him.  We know exactly how he lives and acts,” Hate insists.  “He lives in endless fear.  He hides by mixing his particles with that of the Light House to stay invisible as he holds the Book of Transformations.”

“Why would he?” the King asks, “if he can’t escape?”

“Because of Hope,” Hate says.

“Hasn’t Hope vanished from this planet?  Hasn’t it be destroyed?” the Captain asks.

“If it had, none of us would be here to talk about it.”

Now Labaguette smiles, now the Captain’s eyes shimmer, now the King lets out a huge sigh of relief.

“Love, Hate and Hope all escaping.  Now there’s a romantic notion,” the Captain snarls.  This is when Labaguette scrambles onto the Captain’s hand and relieves himself generously before jumping and falling back heavily onto the stairs.

To be continued…©


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