“The Light House keeper’s invisibility would gain him some time to hide and escape before the Librarians catch him,” Love adds.

“It’s also a tactic to manipulate and torture all trespassers that come here,” Hate continues, “the basement is full of bones and other creatures’ remains.”

“Why the bitterness?” the King asks.

“He’s just born evil, heartless as they come… he could never fulfil his impossible ambitions back where he comes from, although he almost did.  Now, he has no choice but to live as told.  Still, something had to give; the Librarians can’t look after everything.  They gave him the Light House for shelter and because it isn’t far from the furnace, and assuming that, the Light House being a lonely place, very few creatures would visit it.”

“The Light House Keeper is a coward,” the Captain says, “anything else we should know?”

“He could kill you on the spot,” Love says.

“He hasn’t.”

“He loves to see you suffer little by little.  There’s nothing he enjoys more than to see how fear conquers and infiltrates your spirit, anyone’s spirit.”

“My wings may be heavy,” Labaguette replies, “but this doesn’t make me fearful.  I’m fearless.”

“Shut up, Labaguette!” the King orders.

“If you’ve never felt fear, then you will,” Hate insists.

“I suppose this is just plain hateful talking?” Labaguette retorts as Love takes hold of the damned parrot’s neck and twists it until the pain becomes unbearable.

“Fuck you, Love!” Labaguette yells.  Love & Hate paralyse him onto the ground.  For now, he’s neutralised: he can no longer move or speak.

To be continued…©


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