“Are you afraid now?  You’d better be,” Hates threatens, releasing Labaguette’s neck who turns his head right and left.

“What’s with this damned spirited bird?” Love asks.

“Leave him alone?” the Captain interferes, “you talk too much.”

Not to be outdone, Love answers:

“The Librarians saved the Light House Keeper from inescapable death back where he came from.”

“He was an agitator,” Hate continues, “he fed his manifestos with words that brought such hateful messages to his world that even I shuddered at the very thought of them.  He promoted war, war and war, for the love of it, for the sake of it.”

“Can’t be that bad,” the Captain interrupts, “the fire in the furnace-with-no-name would have been well kept then, and, besides, there’s nothing like a good battle”.

“It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.  His books could self-generate: once he had written a book, unexplored and undeveloped ideas came out of that book to unite and create more books.  People and creatures on his planet, Chaotica, pledged allegiance to Norman, – that was his name then – and as he gained in power and control, he changed it to Mr. Bookdeal.  Soon Chaotica became so full of hate books and hate mail that it spread uncontrollably.  Imagine this: an entire planet wanting nothing more than to conquer the rest of the Universe because its creatures are convinced of their own enduring power, because they believe that they are the makers and creators of their own destiny and that nothing can alter or stop that, not even the Syck Monkey, which they don’t believe exists as he has never been mentioned in their books, nor in books outside Chaotica.”

To be continued…©


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