It was said of him that he was a mere legend in the imagination of petty and hopeless folks who hadn’t been raised in believing in themselves.  The books created on Chaotica could say what they wanted to and give birth to more of their own kind better than anywhere else.”

“A leading planet of some sort,” the King retorts.

“Precisely,” Love answers, “one so powerful that it threatened the balance-of-all-things, this is how Chaotica was best described.”

“Chaotica is no longer on the maps in my head,” the Captain confirms.

“The Librarians were in a quandary,” Love explains, “the unlimited and increasing supply of bad books from Chaotica kept the furnace-with-no-name satisfied, but Chaotica’s surrounding planets felt vulnerable, exposed and not without reason and that until they were left with no other choice but to threaten to boycott the eternal fire.  They would stop their supply of bad books reaching the furnace-with-no-name  and instead send them to Chaotica’s warehouses in retaliation for Mr. Bookdeal’s prejudicial monopoly of the furnace as well as for his attempts to conquer other planets using his books and manifestos.

In the beginnings, a mere petition was written to try and bring a peaceful resolution to the matter, but, instead, Mr. Bookdeal got hold of it, destroyed it and replaced it with his own, enrolling people and creatures everywhere with false arguments, without anyone realising that its enticing policies were attractive for all the wrong reasons and would create the worst chaos imaginable.”

“This is what the petition said”, Captain Traumatic continues:

To be continued…©


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