It is understood and agreed that by bringing your poor quality wording to Chaotica, be it spoken or written, you will have refrained from generating an oversupply of such words and books.  We will accept one shipment of bad wording per planet, per millennium.  Therefore, when the time comes to bring us your shipment, we will transport your words and books to the furnace-with-no-name at our own cost.  And, until such time as your once-in-a-millenium-time comes again, you will agree to place your reduced surplus of poor work (one container per year per 5000km2 of land) onto the planet-of-all-things-temporary where they will be safely contained and constrained.  You will also be paid back in food from the best food book which we own the rights off: ‘The book of endless supply of designer food.’”

“Poor quality work sprouted anyway and didn’t decrease as expected, on the contrary,” Love continues, “soon, it started to leak from the planet-of-all-things-temporary as it was not only small, but it couldn’t cater for the sheer volume of bad work that came from every corner of every universe; and, as the oversupply couldn’t find a decent outlet, creatures found ways to hide the poor work they hid by digging deep into their soil or sending it into rockets far, far away from their own galaxy.  The threat of hunger loomed as Mr. Bookdeal became suspicious and had to send his auditors to verify that the numbers of containers per planet matched those in his books and found that the truth was kept desperately hidden from him and although he couldn’t quite prove the wrong doing except for the planet-of-all-things-temporary being rather full, he and his auditors could see the despair in the eyes of the creatures they requested the truth from.  Eventually, Mr. Bookdeal retaliated by stopping the food supply at whim.”

To be continued…©


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