“You see,” Hate continues, “the ‘Book of Endless Nourishment’, apart from an endless supply of fresh food, also included various useful books on food such as the ‘Book of Crops’, the ‘Book of Self-Reproducing Food’, ‘1001 Ideas to Improve Your Writing To Satisfy your Hunger’, etc.  In fact, there was a whole department of books that catered for the needs of any potential writer who might succumb to the pangs of hunger while attempting to write something good.  It’s simple: all you had to do is to commit yourself to good writing throughout your life to get food.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bookdeal threw his evil intent into the works and is getting his revenge at this very moment, as you know.  When the Librarians uncovered the truth, they set out to warn Mr. Bookdeal and Chaotica’s inhabitants that this wouldn’t do, that there is always a price to pay.  The-Planet-of-all-things-temporary wasn’t meant to be used solely for parking one’s truckloads of poor writing they insisted; it had other purposes: any breed or race soon predestined to extinction was allowed to mutate there for a new generation of their own to be born into new creatures better adapted to new conditions on their planet of origins where they were sent back.  It wasn’t just creatures, there was a section for objects too, inventions, tools of all kinds that had originated from any corner of any universe and evolved over time.  The-Planet-of-all-things-temporary kept trace of any creation – be it object or creature – for records purposes as well as for cloning, should this ever be necessary.

To be continued…©


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