The Captain gives Labaguette a suspicious look and opens the door.  Out there, a world is collapsing.  The Light House’s wobbly walls quiver.  In the distance, books, shelves, rocks and creatures float in the air before vanishing into space.  Librarians can be seen desperately attempting to hold on to whatever they can, shelves, rocks, chairs only to be pulled back up irremediably and fade into the sky.

The Captain scans the Book of Birds.  He knows and doesn’t doubt for a second that they’re ready to take off in the manner described in the book.

“Let us fly,” the Captain instructs as if this would come naturally to them.

“You really believe that you can—“  But Labaguette’s words are interrupted as the Captain and the King launch themselves from the door, flapping their arms the way birds do, hoping to fly and instead fall, a couple of stones with heads, arms, and legs.  Their arms won’t open, they’re too heavy, saturated by the Light House Keeper’s evil particles.  So it goes they fall into the emptiness below them, down, down, down towards the collapsing floor of the Planet of Books.  Labaguette squawks.

“LET ME GO!” he yells desperate, fearful, as he clings to the King’s shoulder.  The King’s fingers close on his small body to release him.

Above them, the Light House begins to crumble.  A gigantic planet the size of a universe is hanging in space, large chunks of it disintegrating into smaller lumps.  There’s no longer any floor to reach.  The three friends fall alongside words, books, shelves, rocks, lanterns, Librarians, and creatures of all kinds, struggling to keep it all together, in vain.

To be continued…©


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