“Look what you’ve done!” King Krackskull shouts to Captain Traumatic, “I trusted you.”

“We’ll be right,” the Captain answers in a trance knowing perfectly what awaits them.

“What did I tell you?” Labaguette shrieks as he zooms past the Captain trying to open his wings.

“FUCK!” he yells, “I can’t fly either!”

“The weight of the Light House Keeper is upon us,” Love reminds him, “it takes a while to—“

“—Why not say it earlier?”

“You’d be dead by now,” Hate retorts.

“It might have been better,” Labaguette answers.

There is something in Labaguette’s eyes, a light that has gone off.

“Can you feel it now?” Hate asks Labaguette.

“Falling…”, Labaguette whispers, breathless, “my wings…  how long?”

“Eternity,” Love retorts, “can you feel it now?”

“HEEEEEELP!” Labaguette screams as fear grips his soul.  He will never see the Insatiable Princess again.  It would have been so much better to keep travelling with her even if she never knew where she was going.  He will never feel the warmth and comfort of the Captain’s pocket again.  Who would have thought, he thinks, that I, Labaguette, worldly parrot-of-wisdom, friend and preferred talking bird to a Captain, would be unable to open my wings, and end up as a bird without purpose.  I, parrot and owner of used-to-be colourful feathers, I, bird of many lives and experiences, why could I not simply remain of stone?  I don’t want to be falling forever, non, non, non.

To be continued…©


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