He can see the King and the captain behind him.  They cannot catch him as he, with Love & Hate stuck onto his wings, is falling more rapidly than his friends.  He is alone, all alone now.  That is what he fears most.

“Don’t panic!” Love recommends, but as he and Hate look into the parrot’s eyes, all they can see is fear as Labaguette surrenders to its sheer power, shivering, shaking and wishing he were dead.  He is falling forever.  Hell.

It isn’t long before, several thin yet strong, sticky and slimy threads wrap themselves around the three friends, neatly spinning and turning them into small bundles of spider thread before bouncing them back up, high, high into the sky until, they reach Spinostress and her spinners once again.

“Whispering words came to us,” Spinostress explains as the trio is unravelled free of ties.

“Look at you!” Spinostress exclaims, “you weak and despicable creatures!  You owe your life to me a thousand times and over.”

“Who the fuck are you?” Labaguette, exclaims, forgetting his terror in a second, refreshed and revived, “You sure are an ugly sort.”

Immediately, one of the spinners fast weaves a strong string around Labaguette’s beak to silence him.

To be continued…©


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