“Let me see,” Spinostress snarls, “are you the God damned forsaken bird of stone who flew off the Insatiable Princess?  Ha! Ha! Ha! Captain, is this a bird?  Look at him, white as the innocent sheep, yet still a parrot…  How can it be?  Or is it white with fear, huh?

“He’s gained wisdom, your majesty,” the King tries as he too is silenced at once, a thick string now sticking to his mouth.

“And what’s this I see marked on your wings, you scum sucking bird of doom?” Spinostress continues, “tattooes, huh?  ‘ Love & Hate’.  You think yourself original?  Fashionable?  What world do you think you’re gonna save?  Come, come,” she orders her spinners, “come and observe the ridiculous creature who was once-bird-of-stone and turned tattooed-white-bird-from-hell.  Look how small and powerless he is and be grateful: amidst our world of threads and ropes, the need for wings will never be felt.”

Labaguette begins to contort and falls onto the floor, in pain.

“What are you doing to him?” The Captain asks.

“Well, Captain, in spite of what I might wish for, I haven’t touched one single feather of your miserable bird yet,” Spinostress retorts as Labaguette continues to struggle and wriggle.

This is when the word ‘Hate’ extracts itself from Labaguette’s wing and flies off to stick to Spinostress’ tangled mass of hair and disappears into it.  Spinostress’ guards gather around her, incredulous.

“Don’t you just stand here and look at me this way!” she says, “do something!”

“Flying tattoos…” one of the guards utters as one of Spinostress hair strand separates itself from her hair mass and slaps him in the face.

To be continued…©


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