“Words, just words” she snarls, “you, idiot.”

“Why?” Love asks Hate.

“Her hair,” Hate replies, “her scent, her behaviour…”  But he can’t finish his sentence.  Love extracts itself from Labaguette’s wing, removes the ties from around his beak and flies off to Spinostress’ matted, wired hair.

“I won’t leave you,” Love says to Hate, “we’re in this together.  Labaguette, I’ll find a way to bring Hate back; right now, he’s drawn to Spinostress like a magnet, she’s full of—

“—of it, just full of it!” Labaguette retorts as he shakes his now weightless wings and takes flight.  He is faster than the spinners and avoids the gluey, greasy threads that are thrown at him.

“Hate reinforces hate, that’s what it is” Love adds, unable to dig itself any room into the thick tangle of hair where Hate has disappeared, unable to even scratch through its surface.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!  Can’t quite see through me, huh?  Barely scratching the surface, huh?”  Spinostress snarls.  “And who would have thought that one day, Love would be drawn to me.”

Love continues: “Hate and I shall begin Spinostress’ conversion.  She will change.  She will see through her ways.  She will gain in self-awareness.  She will shed her past.  She will free and become free.  You shall see.”

“Catch the damned bird!” Spinostress orders.

“Your Majesty,” the Captain says, “we have with us the recipe you requested and your real name is available if you’d care to —.”

To be continued…©


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