She remembers that her planet was created out of a legend and that in order to get back to normality, she must find the source of her troubles.  This begins with finding out what is her real name, finding herself, finding who she was long, long ago so that she may fit the pieces back together again.  Why is it that her head feels so heavy all the time?  Why is her hair impossible to manage when it used to be flowing in the wind, free, light and shining under the five moons’ rays?  Normality must be restored she swears… whatever normality entails, whatever normality might be.

One spinner removes the gag from the Captain’s mouth.

My name is like the first moon, strong and brave,” the Captain attempts as silence falls upon all of them.

“Hmm,” Spinostress continues wondering how the Captain could possibly know about the five moons as he’s never seen them rise yet, “Interesting, I don’t have much time, I—“

My name is like the second moon, bright but timid,” the Captain continues,

“My name is like the third moon, slow and seething,

My name is like the fourth moon, shadowy but impressive,

My name is like the fifth moon, colossal and final.

What is my name?”

The shadow of a frown lands onto Spinostress’ face.

“You know too much,” she says, puzzled and at a loss to explain this dumb looking pirate’s sudden display of knowledge.

“The night will never end until you know your name,” he adds.

“—I might know the answer!” Labaguette announces.

“You might, huh?”

To be continued…©


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