In no event will genetic material be re-created, re-enacted or copied from the original work.  This book of law, namely ‘Universal Laws on the Creation of Other Worlds’, stands as the one only which the ‘Book of all Religions’ will allow.  To the exception of the Syck Monkey’s rope rules, this book stands as the ultimate law on all universes.  Any creature caught transgressing these rules will be sentenced to death and death after death and for as long as this Book exists, even if this entails dying forever.

As to the reference to the Syck Monkey’s rope, it is to be noted that should the rope become unusable, be stolen or made to disappear without a trace, its recipe for reconstruction is as follows:

Mix any liquid ingredient with any of the Syck Monkey’s particles, should these be in the form of hair, fur, eyeball or stone scrap.

“At last!  Spinostress exclaims, did you ever come into direct contact with the Syck Monkey?”

The King, having regained his spirits is about to speak when he notices the blink of the Captain’s eye signal Labaguette that it is time for a diversion.  Labaguette flies off and perches onto the King’s nose, scratching his face and being an utter nuisance.  The Captain replies:

“None of us ever came into contact with the Syck Monkey but, your Majesty, he is made of stone and hanging just above the ship as you must know and we could—“

To be continued…©


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