“—Commander!” Spinostress interrupts, “take the Captain to the Insatiable Princess and have him collect a scrap from the Monkey’s statue or whatever it is he has turned into, be it stone or sticky dust.  King Krackskull, you shall stay here with me and until such time as the Captain brings back the recipe, you will work with my spinners on the riddle to find my name.”

So it goes that the Captain is reunited with his ship.  As he sets foot on the deck, he cannot help but feel the smoothness of her wood under his fingers.  How he has longed for her.  What about her he wonders?  Is her sense of direction still badly affected and in needs of repairs or could it be that her anger led her to—.

“—Captain!” the Commander orders, “get the scrap, no musing allowed.”

Captain Traumatic walks around the Syck Monkey’s large statue.  Has it grown in size he wonders?  He knocks at it, a curious case of a monkey made of stone as not so long ago, the Captain recalls, Labaguette too was encased in stone when a thought, read or imagined from a book, brought him back to life.  What is it going to take for the Syck Monkey to—“

“—Hurry!” the Commander bellows.

The Captain knocks again.  The stone sounds hollow.  A third time: it is hollow.  The Commander is pacing up and down the deck, unaware.  The Captain now examines the statue thoroughly with his scanning abilities and he has a shock: it is an empty shell with a small dark spot below right which might be ink or hole.  He deliberately takes a tiny scrap of the statue’s dust and hands it to the Commander.

“This won’t do!” the Commander scowls.

“Let me examine the statue a little longer, there might be some better spots to scrap from.”

“Chop-chop and don’t you consider any escape!”

To be continued…©


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