The Captain must inspect the smudge, probes the entire shell with his fingers until he finds the spot: it’s a hole. This is where the Syck Monkey must have escaped.  So he’s free again.  How did he do it?  It’s such a small orifice.  Never mind, at least there’s still hope; that Syck Monkey is one hell of a restless creature who has just proven that he can’t and won’t stay stuck in one place for too long, even if encased in stone, steel or in whatever it is that might keep him prisoner.  He is everywhere and nowhere all at once.  But for now, time is of the essence, I must be pressing on the Captain thinks as he hands more scrapped shell over to the Commander.

“That’s better,” the Commander remarks, “we must be heading back.”

“Please, I need some time to inspect my ship for damage; it’s been parked here for a long time.”

“Not necessary.”

“It would avoid us having to come back to your planet later on, the Captain attempts.”

“We shall make sure you’re gone, regardless of the state of your ship.”

“In that case, I might as well disappear and disappear now,” the Captain answers as he stands on the edge of the ship, ready to jump into the empty space.”

“What do you think you’re doing?  You know we’ll spin you back up,” the Commander reminds him.

But the Captain is quicker and more knowledgeable, more aware of his abilities than ever.  He has read the book of invisibility and, as he jumps off, disappears holding on to a rope from which he hangs underneath the Insatiable Princess.

To be continued…©


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