“Fuck!” the Commander says.  He throws and sticks one of his own ropes onto the deck and himself into the great emptiness, in search of the Captain.

Captain Traumatic swings and crosses the path of the Commander, unseen, and climbs back up onto the desk to check the state of his beloved ship.  How gorgeous she can be.  Has she ever sparkled like this before or is it my imagination he wonders?  The smell of her wood reaches his nostrils and he fills his lungs with her perfume.  I’ll never go back to Spinostress, he thinks, briefly dismissing any thought about his friends, Labaguette and the King.  Then, as he reaches his cabin, he discovers another hole just below the Syck Monkey’s statue.  Hesitantly at first, he feels the edge of that hole as it crumbles under his thick fingers, leaving a large, black gap opened.  If the Syck Monkey’s escape entails connected holes, then it is most likely that the bottom of the Insatiable Princess is damaged, the Captain concludes, stepping inside the gap.  Then he sees it: an unexpected vision of tangled, thin, silky and delicate white ropes quivering under the mild breeze, extending from one end of the hull to the other, a white veil of neatly weaved threads, spreads as far as he can see, not unlike a giant cocoon, ready to burst with life, or is it?  Could it be that the Syck Monkey lives here now?  Below the near to impenetrable mass, he spots three bundles of tighter, twisted ropes, not unlike large pea pods or hammocks.

To be continued…©


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