Then he sees it: one small face poking out from the edge of its bed of ropes, looking at him, staring directly into his eyes: a monkey, tiny and white.  Then, another face: two monkeys.  And as quickly as the faces appeared, they were gone.

The Captain swoops above the three bundles to reach them, but the two monkeys have vanished into the ropes’ world of wilderness; leaving a third, tiny monkey sound asleep in its bed.  Did the Syck Monkey split into three little ones or was he female he wonders?  What the hell happened?  His search for understanding and meaning is interrupted as the sound of footsteps in the cabin startles him.  Tis’ best to reappear before the Commander, he thinks, else he’ll never let my ship free again.

“Commander!” the Captain calls, “lead me back to Spinostress!”

And just like that, the Captain is spun and wrapped into thick, gelatinous threads by the angry Commander’s own amalgam of threads.

“You’ll never be able to trick me like this again, understood?” the Commander growls, his thick mane of twisted, wired hair squealing, whining and growing longer, splitting into small, spiky arrows of anger at its tips that dig into the Captain’s shoulders.  The Captain pulls his invisibility trick once more, leaving only the ropes visible.

“What’s the matter, Commander?”

The Commander’s silvery face is close to white.

To be continued…©


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