“Wait, be patient,” the Captain continues in a seemingly tamed manner, “please, I beg you: take me back to the Insatiable Princess, I suffer from the fear of emptiness-all-around syndrome.”

And just like that, the Commander unravels the Captain once more and they land on the ship’s deck’s.

“You see,” the Captain continues, “when Spinostress stops leading the whole lot of you through her psychotic and psychopathic manipulative ways, your lives might begin to improve, especially yours, Commander.”

“You’ve never lived with her.  How can you tell what she’s like?  We love her.  She feeds us and protects us, don’t you see?”

“Yet you’d follow me onto my ship without further ado?  Have a look into my two ugly, revolving eyes for once.  Are they that repulsive?  What do you see?  They’re most useful.  Wait, and there’s a third one, hidden behind my tough skin, here in the middle of my forehead, to help me scan and be knowledgeable.  Let me tell you: I’ve read enough about Spinostress to know that she clouds your vision and—“

“—You don’t understand.  Just tell me how to improve my vision and get rid of this heavy load of hair.  It hurts my scalp and impedes my vision.”

“It’s all to do with peripheral vision,” the Captain continues, savouring a sweet, still un-won and untold victory, one wrapped in sweet embellishments and replaced with his own version of suitable memories.

To be continued…©


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