“Go on.”

“Spinostress would object.”

“What does it matter?”

“What I will reveal might uncover some of her weaknesses and leave her vulnerable.”

“Speak.  I’m all ears.”


“—All things considered, how could I, Captain Traumatic, Labaguette and a prisoner King strike against Spinostress and her army in any way?”

So it goes that the Captain and the Commander have something to talk about.  They sit on the deck, the ship gently swayed and rocked by breezes, unaware that three tiny monkeys, hiding, are listening intently to their every word as if their lives depended on it (FORESHADOW).

“It is said that she was beautiful as the light of the five moons united and that her beauty had no match anywhere.”

“Did she have brains?”

“Dunno, but she had a good heart.  Too big and too generous for her own good and this is what brought her downfall.”

“Female species.”

“What do you know about them?”

“Take the Insatiable Princess, she’s me mate, we love each other dearly but I can’t make any sense of her or give her any direction.”

“She’s a ship.”

“She’s my ship.”

“She might want to be a sheep.”

“What the fuck?”

“She might want to be led nicely.  When is the last time she saw a drop of water?”

“Spinostress didn’t use her brains to avoid her downfall?”

“She lived on her planet with a few trusted loyal friends and servants, minding her own business.  She had no family left, the only one of her kind.  She’d been brought to this planet by an escaping pod from an exploding planet age 10.  Came her 25th birthday and she felt lonely.  Then, this visitor of a princely standing came and swept her off her feet.”

“A visitor?”

To be continued…©


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