“Some traveller who had taken the wrong bus and was looking to take a rest.  He traded in cotton, silk and cartoons.”


“Look it up in your scanned documents, you’re bound to find it.”

“I see, but it’s got nothing to do with cotton and silk.”

“Hold your horses and listen, will you?  The traveller knew of the Syck Monkey’s rope.  He began to teach Spinostress how to spin and weave materials to enable her to master the art of rope making for the Syck Monkey himself, should he need it and should he come her way some day.  But he had business to sort out on his planet and he left her early with the necessary material and insufficient knowledge, promising he would return to show her how to finish the rope and stay with her—”

“—so instead she tried to re-create the rope for power.  And the cartoons?”

“She learned how to draw shadows on white material cut on a wheel which she would spin in the light of the 4th rising moon for entertainment.  I’ll show you sometime.”

“I reckon he loved her for her beauty only.”

“That’s what she’s kept thinking all along.  We kept telling her this wasn’t true, that she was not only beautiful but also damned fucking smart and fun to be with but the more we tried to convince her, the less she seemed to believe us.”

“There’s much of a pirate within her.”

“She became embittered.  She began to teach us how to spin wool, weave and try and make our own cartoons – unsuccessfully – as she tried to uncover the mystery recipe for the Syck Monkey rope which has remained elusive to this day.”

To be continued…©



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