“Well, she’s on a breakthrough now.”

“Then, her recipes included and involved the mixing of dangerous elements and each time she thought she was getting closer to finding an answer, she discovered that some piece of the puzzle was missing.  Trying to reconstruct the rope gradually began to leave its mark on her face and lines that look like deep crevasses of worry and resentment on the corners of her mouth and on her forehead appeared.  She showed us how to protect ourselves with the threads we were weaving and how to incorporate steel, iron and trace elements from the scraps collected from the Unidentified Crashing Objects & Meteorites Yard into the materials.”

“What about the cartoons, what did she use them for?”

“The usual: she thought she could unravel the making of cartoons mysteries to improve spinning and visionary powers but it didn’t lead to—“

“—What happened to your bodies?”

“What about them?”

“The hair that hurt, the invisibility of your faces, your plumpness, your ug—“

“—Hair didn’t hurt then, we had visible faces and six legged, two arms bodies that functioned for the most of us, depending on where you came from.  The yard of UCOMY contained some unidentified particles which at first were tried and tested on Spinostress’ willing and self-sacrificing servants as well as on any creature that roam this planet under moonlit conditions, with mixed results.”

“Why testing on their bodies when the rope is an outside element?”

“Transgenic transformation is essential to the improvement of creatures and nature.  Why attempt to create a product at all when it can merely be born out of wholesome and already perfectly made creatures?”


To be continued…©


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