“Then, altered spiders and servants-creatures thought it ingenious to meet, mix and match their analogous elements into one more complete creature that became compliant and able to produce thread from their own bodies.  Their hair grew into transmission wires connected to their leader who could see what they’re up to at will thanks to the integrated shadow cartoon capability that was incorporated into them through experimental medicine.  It didn’t take long for Spinostress to realise that this meant newly acquired physical and mental abilities, especially power, and that if she didn’t join in the experiment, she’d lose control and respect of her peers as well as that of surrounding planets.”

“There’s still no rope created and you guys look all the uglier for it.”

“Speak for yourself.”

“Besides, do you really believe some guy could have swept her ugly sort off her feet?”

“She was beautiful then.”

“You aren’t that old, you couldn’t possibly have witnessed all this.”

“You don’t believe me, do you?  Listen, this is how the story goes: it is a legend, but not quite.”

“I reckon she was born like this.  She would have been abandoned by her parents early on, not only because she was that ugly, but especially because she was nasty as sin, a plotter, a power hungry lazy, slimy and slithering snake of the worst type.”

“What’s got into you?  Don’t you know your own name?  You were going to help bring clarity.”

“’Captain Traumatic’, that’s my name.  It’s all I have.”

Now the Commander looks at the Captain sideways, and, just like that, he once again wraps the Captain tightly into a neat bundle of spidery ties that inhibits his breathing.  Foreshadow

There’s an almighty war coming.

To be continued…©


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