There are spinners and creatures unravelling down from all the corners of the big hall, seen and unseen.  Some side with the Commander, others, mostly, side with the Spinner-Queen.

“My name is SPIN-TO-KILL,” she blasts, furious, “It shall remain my name for as long as I live!”

Even for someone who doesn’t know who they are, isn’t ‘Spinostress’ sufficient Labaguette whispers to himself? And as all hell breaks loose, three tiny white monkeys, zoom past the ugly spinner queen in a flash of white and blinding light, collect the King, the Captain, Labaguette and the Commander and disappear in the dark, hazy mist of war.

“FOLLOW THEM!” she screams.

With war come epic battles and chaos as well as unacceptable disorderly conduct on any traitors’ part, at least, in the eyes of the betrayed.  Quickly, the prisoners reach the Insatiable Princes as the Queen’s traitors retreat and protect them.

To think her people had dared to hope that they could be cured of their headaches.  To think they believed the Captain had a solution to all their ills close at hand as well as that of their fate.  To think the riddle would give away her real name and give her a new life, a new identity, had she ever had one.  What a fool this Queen had been once more.  Spinostress spins herself down to try and catch the Captain and his crew herself.  They are fast but not as fast as she can be.  Who are these white creatures?

To be continued…©


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