Revenge is what counts.  Act fast.  Get them bloody idiots and make them think twice about escaping from her like that.  Anger, confusion, frustration.  She knows all about these.

And so it goes that Spinostress, now Spin-To-Kill, extends her tentacles far and beyond to reach out for the Captain and his crew.  They are fighting spinners from the Insatiable Princess’ deck.

There, she thinks, I’ve got you.  A tiny white monkey is gesticulating, desperate to unwind the queen’s tentacle that is holding him prisoner, a prisoner for good and for gold, a prisoner worth a recipe that she has spent a lifetime trying to understand and decipher.  Luck’s on my side for once, she believes.  Here’s a hostage the Captain might be willing to kill for.  Would he exchange it for Labaguette, or the King, or the Commander?  No, no.  Not one of them is worth exchanging.  Besides, he has the other two… unless these two would kill to find their complement, their missing part?

There are only two monkeys, one Captain, one parrot, one King, one Commander and too many spinners on the ship.  Most of the spinners are fighting a battle they don’t understand.  Why should they be taking this crew back when the monkeys are of interest?  Some of the spinners wish to join the Captain’s crew but are caught having to battle on for sheer survival.  Which of the spinners is friend, which is foe?  As the battle rages and their reluctance to fight overwhelms some of them, they either get made prisoners or disappear in the vast darkness that surrounds them.

To be continued…©


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