Now the monkeys tie the Captain, Labaguette, the King and the Commander to the masts as they struggle to understand why.

“Mutiny aboard!” the Captain shouts “God dammit, foolish monkeys!”

“Fuck zem bastards!” Labaguette continues.

“Some call it fate,” the Commander snarls.

“It’s a monkey’s business, it’s a strategy,” the King retorts as the Captain, Labaguette and the Commander look at him, all raising an eye brow or two.  The Captain shakes his head in disbelief.

Above and beneath the Insatiable Princess, a deadly battle is taking place and spinners are dying until, unexpectedly, two white thin cords thinly stretched that reach out deep into space, giant elastic bands, are released, launching the Insatiable Princess fast into space and beyond.  The stormy wind it creates blows all soldiers out of the ship and all that remains are the tied up crew with the two monkeys.

“Did we escape?” Labaguette asks.

“We’re still prisoners,” the King says.

“I’m free,” the Commander says.  With the help of his own arm spinning facility, he has managed to undo the ties that held him to the mast.

“I’m your Captain, untie me!” Captain Traumatic orders, “we must get back.”  The two remaining white monkeys shake their head as if to say no.

“I’m in charge now,” the Commander states.

So the monkeys attend to this urgent business and, not to be outdone, move swiftly to tie the Commander once more, this time disabling any loose arm he might have hidden aside.  Then, the Captain is freed from his ropes.

To be continued…©


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