“Let’s get your brother back,” the Captain tells them.

“Do you know where we are?” the King asks.

“The third monkey is missing; these two will lead us there.”

“He’s just fine where he is, for now,” Labaguette maintains, “why don’t you untie me?”

The Captain unties the King.

“You’re damned.  I curse you, lot!” the Commander says.

“I’m a hero,” Labaguette continues, “I deserve to be free.”

“What?” the Captain asks.

“The sails are down and cruising along with the wind, we’re not going back there,” the King continues.  “Look at the monkeys, they’re leading the ship, even in the dark.  Do you know where we are?”

“I’m a courageous crew member who believes he can do anything he applies his minds too,” Labaguette continues.

“No idea where we are, no matter what map I use,” the Captain says.

“The three white monkeys are no miracle,” Labaguette insists, “I badly wanted them to come and help us and out of despair they appeared.  You’d better recall that I was momentarily encased in stone too.  I had three wishes: I wished for three white monkeys.  I’m a living miracle.”

“Cut your crap, will ya?” the Captain tells him.

“It’s rather dark,” the King adds.

“Impossibly dark.”

“I could enlighten you if you—“

“—I told you to shut your gob!”

This is when the Captain grabs his own rope and ties the beak of the unfortunate bird.

“Listen, you foolish bird, you’ll never be the great parrot of wisdom you’re dreaming of so don’t you even try.  Do you get it?  Do you?”

To be continued…©


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