Now a silence that speaks of a soundlessness one can’t escape from and dreams that can’t be had surround them and envelops them as they travel through an area darker than they’ve ever seen before.  It’s not just that it’s dark, it’s that the light of stars no longer reaches them and that the top of the masts can’t even be seen any more.  In no time, the darkness thickens, the darkest of veils, until they can no longer see what is in front of them at all, not even their own feet.

“I know where we are,” the Commander says.

“Bet you do,” the Captain says, “bet you can get us back on the road, no?”

Then, the Captain, the King and Labaguette hear the familiar sound of an engine approaching and soon a yellow bus shining of a thousand lights is travelling by their side.  The monkeys tie their ropes to it.  Its driver secures his seatbelt and waves to them pointing the direction he’s going to lead them.

“Be safe, fasten your seatbelts!” he yells at them.  The engine roars and they begin to climb at a 45% angle.

“He’s taking us to Belchiore,” the Commander adds knowingly.

“Wherever he’s taking us is safe,” the King retorts.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” the Commander continues, “safe as you and I fighting till one of us is dead.”

“Spill your beans!  C’mon, open that ugly gob of yours and make yourself useful!” the Captain commands, pointing a knife at his throat.

To be continued…©


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