Whereupon a plate of rum soaked bird seeds is thrown at Labaguette who eats them all, unable to resist this gourmet food until he can no longer stand.

“Beware the tail!” Jimmy, the driver warns, “I can feel Belchiore”.

“I’ve no tale to tell,” Labaguette answers, burping.

The Insatiable Princess is lost in some day dreaming of her own.  She isn’t satisfied with whatever it is that’s happening to them all.  Her wood is creaking and cracking in all directions.  Her whining is incessant.  After all, climbing the uneven and rugged hill of darkness isn’t exactly what she’s accustomed to, even if, by now, she has seen and endured much.  She feels as if she’s being blamed for everything that happens and that some undeserved twist of fate has come to haunt her for no reason at all, really, none at all.  The battles that took place on and around her earlier have left her weak and pining for some tender loving care, which, under the present circumstances, she cannot dream of having.  Life must go on.  The climb must go on.  How could it be that even the Captain appears oblivious of her predicament and needs, he who loved her, he who tried to take care of her his own way, although unsuccessfully?  Perhaps, it occurs to her, she has been ungrateful after all.  She misses earth.  She misses earth’s waters.  Enough is enough.  She might fall apart for all she knows and, were it not for her wood disintegrating into space and the crew being doomed to disappear with her, no one would notice or care at all.  There’s no way she can escape her own destiny, with or without white monkeys.

To be continued…©


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