“Finally!“ The Commander exclaims.

“We’re headed to some netherworld,“ Labaguette says, “and you chose this path for all of us, Captain”.

“Where is she taking us?” the Captain asks.

“If she feels like it and if she’s successful at it, it’ll be out of darkness and into a much brighter future,” the Commander replies, “it’s all wait and see from now on.”

“Look at the state of my beautiful Princess!  I need to fix her mast.”

“Best to wait until we’re out of here.”

“How could Belchiore ever feel like ‘feeling like it’ and then bloody succeed?” Labaguette insists.

“Well, then, we’re finished,” the Commander snarls.

“Where the fuck are we?  Who the bloody hell is this God damned, fucking obscure mast-destroying-turned-saviour whale?  This is all gargantuan bullshit coming out of an oversize hellhole!”

There’s a ship’s Captain who can’t have what he wants, which isn’t even that much: why am I doomed to get lost and travel in the middle of the netherworld for eternity he wonders, why me, why, why, why?  “I’ve had it,” he mumbles, “something has to give.“

“Stop your whinging and count your blessings” the Commander says, as if he could hear the Captain’s thoughts, “not only have you got Belchiore here to drag you out of nowhere if that is her wish but you also have the white monkeys.  You’ll be out of here in no time if only you’d care to trust that all can go well.”

“Nice try,” a bitter Captain answers.

“I won’t make it out of here alive,” the Commander retorts.

To be continued…©


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