As the ship continues its ascent in the darkest corner of the universe until Belchiore decides that the time has come to have destiny turn for better or worse, there’s a crownless King who majestically wraps his blue coat around his shoulders.  His eyes shine with the intense need he feels to reveal who he is to his friends, perhaps because he’s never been given a chance to tell them, perhaps because he feels he must lead by example, and now might just be the time.  Deep, deep down, he fears dying destitute and crownless, but he is unsure why.  He is a King after all and he is aware that he may not have long to live as a member of the high universal order.  Besides, he has a story to tell.

Above them, crouching, their eyes scarcely shining through the darkest of fogs, two white monkeys are listening intently.  One of them yawns; the other one makes impossible knots with the ropes, for practice or out of boredom, it is difficult to tell.

“His name was Yeo, sometimes Yea as he was both, male and female depending,” the King begins.

“Depending on fucking what?” Labaguette interrupts.  “No one’s male and female at the same time; zat’s all bullshit!”

“All you have to understand is that he chose who she wanted to be, and vice-versa.”

“Vice-versa?  God dammit, what iz this—”

Now the Captain’s speedy ability to tie a bird’s beak is nothing short of unprecedented and bewildering.

“He was a magician but most of all, he loved to juggle,” the King continues, “he juggled, balls, skittles, words and many articles and utensils you may not have heard of before.  He came to my court unaccompanied.”

To be continued…©


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