“Didn’t your guards get rid of him at once?” the Commander asks.  “Aren’t they trained to kill on sight?  They can maim, kill or torture, don’t they?  That’s what guards do, or do you call them knights?”

“The King lives alone,” the Captain interrupts, “all alone on the strangest planet of them all, stranger than where you come from, Commander.  He rules alone over his Kingdom, that encompasses the entire planet really, and this he does as if it were heavily populated.  The only presence there is that of his ‘She-Coat’ that more or less gobbles everything that is organic and any eatable creature that comes her way and that becomes a threat which is more or less just about everything.”

“You’re the fool, your majesty,” the Commander concludes.

But the King continues:

“Yeo was your everyday magician: clever, sensitive, gifted, very gifted.  He could play the violin, the piano, harp and anything he set his mind to and without training, such were his abilities.  He could juggle along while performing his magic and this added to his tricks being out of the ordinary.  See, he didn’t merely juggle balls and skittles and words, he juggled small frogs too, and they were tiny, six or seven at a time up in the air.”

“In what kind of world did you live?  You like perfection but I don’t like cute,” the Commander can’t help.

“He juggled them, oh he juggled them.  They always appeared with their head up looking content, keeping their legs tight and close to their bodies until the last minute when they turned into parakeets that just flew away.  He used osbitarium’s eggs that turned into bokabas, jelly balls that turned into platybuzzers.

“I don’t do cute,” the Commander insists, “where is this leading?”

To be continued…©


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