“Sometimes, he used fat speedicooms which he’d trained to keep tight in a bundle, tied by a single colourful scarf, until he’d signal them with the mere flap of an eyelash to untie themselves and fly away as colirepta-butterflies.”

“C’mon, King Krackskull,” the Captain says, “it’s all very pretty but we’ve all seen and experienced more interesting magic than what you’ve just described.  I mean why even bother wasting your time to watch such a creature performing?”

“It’s entertainment,” the King retorts.

“You may thrive on entertainment but it influences you for the worse,” the Commander carries on, “it entices you, charms you and before you know it, you’re hypnotised, under the God damned spell of any suspicious creature that comes to your Kingdom, dreaming of nothing else but to dis-enthrone you and send you flying into the empty space for as long as it takes.”

“What?” the Captain asks, “as long as it takes?”

“As long as it takes for you to reach someone else’s kingdom and do to them what was done to you.  The whole God damned Karma-processing engine if you ask me.  I know a fool when I see one,” the Commander concludes.

“I’m a King.  I was born a King and I shall die a King.  I know all the tricks any folks, as smart as they may be, as deceptive and malicious may their intentions be, will use to have me thrown out and take my kingdom over.”

“What did Yeo try which had you chase him away if he was so innocent in the first place?” the Commander grimaces.

“He left of his own accord.  One day, he picked up his bags where he’d left them and moved on like they all do, like you did.”

To be continued…©


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