“I offered you shelter on my ship and freedom whenever you choose and now you dare throw it back at me?”

“Shut the hell up!” Labaguette says, “Are you two finished yet?  I need to know what happens to Yeo.”

“I said,” the King continues, ignoring Captain, the Commander and Labaguette’s entanglement, ‘what do you want from me?’”

“’Can’t you see?’ Yeo said, ‘Some relief.’”

“’I can’t juggle,’ I said, ‘too much to bear; no way I can do what you do.’”

“’But you’re a King’ he said while juggling.  ‘You can do anything you want, anything you set your mind to, just because you’re royalty.’”

“’Just because I want doesn’t mean I can,’ I said”.

“’You rule this planet, you can just about do anything,’ he said.”

“’All right,’ I said, putting myself in his shoes to try and give him some satisfaction, ‘I juggle people, creatures and things of all sorts, which comprises all those who merely visit or live here.  It is a tough job but I manage.’”

“’You have no vassals, no knights, no people.  You’re all alone.  Can you even manage to look after yourself?’ he continued.”

“’Look, you asked if I could do anything such as juggling, insisting that I could do anything I apply myself to and now you question the very ability you granted me with such good heartedness.  What is it you want from me exactly, why are you here?’”

“’Ah but you’re entertained now, aren’t you?  Look, come by my side and try and catch the red ball, it’ll relieve me of day jobs.  Can you catch it?’”

To be continued…©


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