“I understood.  I went over to him meaning to help.  I caught the red ball and started to throw it up in the air at regular intervals, pretending I was juggling too.  Then he threw me the gold to catch and juggle.  Before long, the children came until I found myself juggling all he’d been juggling a minute earlier.  He watched me, stared at me.  I could do it, I could really do.  There was an air of puzzling satisfaction etched on the corner of Yeo’s lips and his eyes smiled, somewhat relieved.”

“And?” the Captain asks.

“And?” Labaguette adds.

“And?” the Commander concludes.

“He left.  I was focussing on the task at hand with great pride.  I never dropped one of them skittles and balls.  But he went away and left me there to juggle it all by myself.  It was more than I could bear and I wasn’t used to it at all, not at all.  He never returned.”

“Huh!” the Commander exclaims.

“Did you lose any jobs?”  the Captain asks.

“And the gold?”  Labaguette continues.

“You’ll never have any kids,” the Commander says.

“Well, I found the task impossible.  Yeo couldn’t possibly have done it all either, just as good as he was at his craft.  Had I known then what I know now about candles, jobs, cash and kids, I’d do it differently but I had no choice then and I dropped them all to feed She-Coat who needed my attention.  Besides, he was hungry.  He gobbled them all up and gave us the biggest belch I’d ever heard him have.”

To be continued…©


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