“These are all impossible tasks,” the King continues, “jobs, cash, candles and kids are just one hell of a vicious circle; I mean, if you only get the candles right and don’t drop any of them, then no one gets burnt except that everything else falls apart in spite of heat and light being fundamentals.  On the other hand, if you only get the cash right, the kids won’t grow to get a job unless they do it out of passion and if they do, they’ll run out of steam on the burn out thread mill eventually because no one wants to see them work, ask the dwindling candles.  Now, if you don’t get the jobs right, the kids simply won’t grow to look for gold or carry any candles.  As to handling the kids right, well if you fail at it, then there won’t be anyone to get a job, or cash or candles.”

“It makes no sense, I don’t understand it,” the Commander concludes.

“Talk about riddles,” Labaguette adds.

“What a waste of time,” the Commander insists, “all this proves my point: you’re an idiot, a fool, a naïve crownless and ridiculous King.  How can you even be King?”

A breeze lifts as the Insatiable Princess takes some speed and Belchiore begins to enjoy a smooth, fast ride inside the darkness.  Nothing has changed within that space, nothing except a faint feeling of exhilaration that infiltrates their skin.

“Not bad, not bad,” the Captain says, “if only the air smelled of the sea.”

“Not bad, not bad,” Labaguette adds, “if only I could smell fish.”

Now they all look at Labaguette, suspicious of a fish eating jungle bird.  After all, what if he ate meat?

To be continued…©


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