“He’s adaptable,” the Captain retorts, “when there’s nothing else, Labaguette settles for fish as his preferred delicacy.”

“Not bad, not bad,” the King continues, “if only the air smelled of trees.”

“Trees?” Labaguette inquires.

“Trees?” the Captain repeats, scanning his own brains for a missed memory, or any answer and finding none.

“You wouldn’t know what a tree looks like if you saw one,” the Commander remarks.

“Fools, you’re all fools!” the King says, “I’ve seen more trees on Coatingsdale than you lot in an entire lifetime.”

“How’s that possible?” Labaguette asks as the Insatiable Princess comes to an unexpected halt.

“We’ve stopped,” the Captain remarks.

The four of them squinting their eyes for a piece of the invisible but noticeable action, then dispersing on deck trying to peer through the darkness and observe the unusual activity that is taking place.  It’s the monkeys… they’re over-excited, behaving like… like what?  Strange noises, squealing, hissing.  It’s no longer the rhythmic sound of them moving together, in synch, the calmness is gone, the happy spark in their eyes probably missing now, the Captain Traumatic thinks.  He can feel it, it is very strange.  The crew looks at the monkeys and although they can’t see quite seem them, they all notice that the spark in their eyes is no longer.  These aren’t the same cute and stable creatures they knew only a moment ago.

“Belchiore?” the Commander inquires, as if the whale could give him a clear answer.

To be continued…©


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