The Captain’s a Captain after all and the monkey obeys.  At once, the King recovers.  The Captain carries the sick monkey, wrapped up in his white ropes turned into sheets, his brother following and jumping onto the Captain’s shoulder who remains immune to the monkey abilities to turn anyone or anything into stone.

The Captain lays the sick and unconscious monkey on his own bed inside the cabin and the monkey’s brother lays by his brother’s side, wrapping his arms around it with their bodies melting into each other, a mere bundle of flesh, ropes and sheets solidifying and turning into white, chalky stone.  The Captain looks at them as he makes his way back onto deck, being aware that with universal monkeys, nothing can be taken for granted or predicted.

Belchiore begins to pull the ship and once again, they’re moving.  Labaguette is suspicious.

“You didn’t lift a single finger!” he tells the Commander.

“Mind your own business!” the Commander answers.

“You could have helped,” Labaguette continues.

A small hair tentacle lifts off the Commander’s head to wrap itself threateningly around Labaguette’s throat.

To be continued…©


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