“—Let him go!”  The Captain orders the Commander.

“He ought to know when to shut his gob,” the Commander answers.

The Captain draws his sword and the King attempts to restrain him gently with one arm.

“What’s up Commander?” the King asks, “what were you thinking as we helped the monkeys and you just stood there, huh?”

The hair tentacle releases Labaguette from its stronghold.

“Belchiore stopped because of you.”

“SHUT UP!” the Commander yells at the King.

“You’re the reason the monkey’s sick, and Belchiore holds it against you,” the King concludes.

And before the Commander has time to use one of his thick hair strands to electrocute the King, Captain Traumatic brandishes his sword, swings it above his head and cuts the unwelcome hair strand: it falls onto the deck with a metallic sound, emitting weakening and dying sparks before it comes to rest.

“Ha! ha! ha!” the Commander says in battle mode, his cut hair fast growing back independently to reach and wrap itself around the Captain’s neck, squeezing tightly.

“WILL YOU STOP?” Labaguette interjects, flapping about vainly trying to bite the Commander’s wild hair but then having to avoid its fiery and deadly purpose.

The Commander isn’t one to be persuaded and influenced by anything.  He is much stronger than all of them and his hair strands now wrap their necks, ready to strangle and burn them until the Insatiable Princess has a new master.  But a white monkey appears with lightning speed, jumps and lands on the Commander’s shoulder before his brain can even gather but a single thought as he too now turns into white, chalky stone, his hair emitting a light white powder that spreads and vanishes.

To be continued…©


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