“And if it doesn’t take well?”

“’The damage remains, the stench fades and the seed grows out of control in unexpected ways and you’d need me to fix things up, if it isn’t too late.’”

“Why wouldn’t it grow well?”

“A seed is very sensitive and reacts to the subtlest cue from the environment it gets planted into.  If a single particle of soil doesn’t suit, the seed reacts in ways that are unexpected, damaging and uncontrollable.  It could be any other reason, you can’t always tell.  Now, planting is subject to mix & match terms & conditions.’”

“Terms & conditions?”

“’They aren’t readily available, Yourmajesty, my apologies, I left them on Chloromate.   Besides, they need translated.  Suffice is for you to know that it is extremely rare for a seed not to take well.  I’ve seen it only twice in my entire lifetime and each time I had an inkling that the seed wouldn’t take and I could avoid much damage being done.  At the time, the acquirer wouldn’t listen to me and boldly went ahead with planting the seed and, as can be expected, put the blame on me.  See how my third nostril is blocked for ever?  There’s a bad seed in it that can’t be removed because of how it was injected and how it has incrusted itself in there.

Ever since then, I make sure everyone is on my terms.  The truth is that all you need to be aware of is that if I advise you not to plant a seed and you do it anyway and it goes awry, I don’t fix the damage done, as stated in the disclaimer at the end of the terms & conditions, unless I’m at fault, which can’t possibly happen.'”

To be continued…©


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