“Let me have those terms & conditions.”

“’It’ll have to wait until I can get back home.  Rest assured, Yourmajesty, that your planet is safe and that any seed will grow happily after the initial stench and damage have receded, this I can tell.  I foresee no misfortune in you planting any seed on Coatingsdale.  Trust me.’”

“What seeds have you got?”

“’Seeds aplenty, Sir. Many, many, so many and of all kinds: seeds of Cities, of Confusion, of Multiple-realities, Seeking seeds, Tormenting ones, Strategic ones, Incompatible ones, Pro-life ones, seeds of Fear, of Change, of Children, of Hooks, of Circuses.  I’m afraid the list goes on.  Here’s a copy of it.’”

“You’ve got everything covered, haven’t you?”

“’To better entertain you, Sir, although…’”


“’One seed is missing: the only one to the exception of the Not-yet-created ones, of course.  If you ever come across it, do let me know.  It’s badly needed.’”

“I told you I know nothing of seeds.”

“’Well, from now on you will know about them but for now you must know that the coffee bean seed is missing.  Without it, one of these days, worlds of excitement might soon crumble and my reputation as the best gardener there is around will be compromised.’”

“There are others like you?”

“’Hopefully not, I like to think I’m the only one of my kind, but you can never really tell, can you?”

“Wise indeed.  Look, would you have the renowned Unavailable seed?”

“’How do you know about it?’”

“I heard the name once and—”

‘”A mere glimpse then?’”

“I’m waiting.”

To be continued…©


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