“Chloroph pulled out a tiny triangular seed that resembled a miniature pyramid.  It’s as if it had been made of glass and it sparkled.  I couldn’t take my eyes off it and thought it could embellish She-Coat is she’d consider it.”

“’It’s a dangerous seed, Yourmajesty, very addictive. It would make you powerless in no time.  It’s rarely used without its little brother, the Strategic seed.  You see, if you stop living while staring at a tree, you become unavailable to your peers.’”

“I suppose so, but it’s only me and She-Coat here, we’re one.”

”’In that case, you may find it useful to have in storage, should you need to defeat invaders and enemies of all kinds.  Such a plant, once it is fully grown, turns into a tree that freezes you in time.  The tree is so beautiful that you can’t resist staring at it.  It hypnotises you: you forget to eat, sleep and live altogether.  Then, a gel begins to coat your body and you remain frozen in time: you can still think, hear, feel and see but you can never get out of this vegetative state unless someone immune to the Unavailable tree touches you.  And even if you come to meet such a creature there’s a cost: you come back to life again but you’re a slave, a shadow of your former self and of the creature who let you free.  There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.’”

“You said it could be useful.”

“The Unavailable seed is mostly used alongside Strategic seeds as these can create the armies of iron soldiers who are immune to the tree’s spell and who can free the Unavailable tree’s victims to have them become subservient to them and the ruler in charge.’”

To be continued…©


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