Then the inevitable happened: a few ships appeared hovering in the sky as far as we could see.  Invaders of all sorts had gathered their forces to takes us over and to destroy us as our land and geological make-up were of great value to them and rarely found in any universe.”

“How valuable?” the King asks.

“The sands, stones and spirited-dust, mostly,” the Commander answers, “we had sands that could maintain us and most creatures in good health until the time would come to let go.  The spirited-dust just kept you happy and well-intentioned but its location was a secret and there wasn’t much of it.  Besides, as many invaders found out, it didn’t work on creatures who’d been of ill intent for most of their lives; it even worsened their condition.  As to the stones, they were of a great practical use: if you were cold, you just had to lean against a stone to get warm and if you were warm, the stone cooled you down.  That way, we could face the harsh weather patterns on Cajoon.  The list of gifts Cajoon offered goes on.  So it goes that wars became part of our lives as if nothing else had existed before and we began a life of hiding.”

“Didn’t the Librarians warn you of the enemy’s arrival?” the Captain asks.

“They did and we’d always known they’d come one day.  The trouble is that the Librarians couldn’t time their predictions well and we were inclined to think of Librarians’ prediction as eccentric on the part of creatures with too much on their mind and in their brain.  It was hard to understand them.  Also, we’d never been a planet of fighters.

To be continued…©


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