The enemy landed and overpowered us in no time.  Most of the Librarians escaped – they had regularly been tending to a planet to ultimately live on once they were ready: the planet of Books where all the words of all the universes are looked after.  The only librarians that remained living on Cajoon were our teachers and their apprentices who were all killed by Spinostress, the master-controller of the invasion and I was made prisoner along with my peers.  Spinostress doesn’t discriminate, she’ll conquer anything that she can lay her hands on and cumulate.  With Cajoon’s assets on her mind, we could not possibly escape her ruling.  You’ve met her; you know what she’s like.  All about her is about dominating, conquering, crushing, annihilating.”

“Where are the others?” the Captain asks, “were you the only one to survive?”

“I was young and she knew she could train me to be one of hers and that’s what she did.  Some of the old folks managed to escape and hid for as long as they could, whereas the others were either killed in battle or used as slaves to subjugate Cajoon to Spinostress’ rules.”

“What happened to your family?” the King asks.

“They survived for a while.”

“I’d bet my wings that you had something to do with your own family’s disappearance,” Labaguette mutters.

More sparkles and small flames lick the edge of the bucket in which the Commander’s head rests.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” he bellows.

“Zat’s it!” Labaguette says, “you—“

To be continued…©


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