“And if you fail?” Labaguette asks.

“Those who fail take years to recover from the experience, I mean, should they survive.  Chloroph described the seeds as being special, extremely special”, the King says.

“He said: ’A little too special but special all the same, you see, yourmajesty, hooks open doors you even, in all your knowledge and brilliant intelligence cannot begin to fathom.  They’re like windows of opportunity that you can look into without getting sucked up into them.  It opens your mind, you get entertained and you wonder how you could ever have done without them.  All this of course, only once you become a Hook Master.’”

“I just want to know what happens when you plant a hook seed.  I’ve no particular ambition.  I’m King already.”

“’Ah but to be able to plant a Hook seed, you must become a Master at it.  Being a King is irrelevant.’”

“I’m not interested in mastering anything, I just want to become knowledgeable about Hook seeds so that I may plant them, why is it so difficult to understand?”

“’All right, all right.  Here, Sir, for peace’s sake, here’s a Hook seed.’”

“Chloroph opened his palm and there it was: a Hook seed.  It was screaming as loud as you and me can scream.  It was tiny but boy it was loud.  It whined, it twitched and sprang with a life all of its own.  It kept gripping a piece of his skin and sticking to it, like it needed to suck something from it but Chloroph kept detaching it, saying it was dangerous and it needed a Master to control it and take care of it.”

“You’re not a Hook Master?  I asked Chloroph”

“’I am but it is not on my list of duties and this one’s yours.  This seed needs to feel recognised by its rightful owner and Master for it to settle.’”

To be continued…©



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