“Chloroph turned his paper upside down, then around and sideways but it made no sense: he couldn’t derive any meaning from it.”

“Give me this paper!” I said.

“’It’s not in any language you know.’”

“It’s a drawing, is it not?”

“He handed me the paper with reluctance: the shape that had appeared in front of us was accurately represented.  There were also arrows pointing in several directions, strange characters at the bottom of it I couldn’t understand.”

“Oh but I know the meaning of that text,” I said, “I know exactly what must be done.”

“’You do?’”

“’Of course,’ I said looking at him with my best She-Coat-will-gobble-you-up-on-the-spot stare.  It seemed to work because I was able to peruse the drawing pretending I knew what I was doing because, being a King, I have to live like one.”

“’You only get once chance,’ Chloroph insisted, growing so nervous I thought he was fast slipping into madness.  I checked every single angle of the drawn seed, testing various points I thought might be of interest.  By the time I looked up again, Chloroph had slipped into the distance.  ‘COME BACK!’  I yelled, ‘COME BACK OR—‘ then the tip of the seed I was holding decided it was time to fly off and imbed itself into the seed which had taken its final shape, that of a perfectly formed massive tear drop.”

“’Give me back the drawing!’ Chloroph yelped, now running towards me, alarmed.  ‘We are in mortal danger, you’re the King of Doomsday!’  He snatched it off my hands.”

“STOP THIS! I ordered.  Give me back that drawing.  Keep your calm and look at that…  it doesn’t look dangerous, does it?  What is it exactly?”

“‘Run!’ Chloroph said in sheer panic mode, ‘run for your life!’”

To be continued…©


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