“I didn’t ask for this,” I said, “you said I would be entertained without leaving the comfort of my home and now—“

“’—Chill out.  You, as a Hook Master, won’t suffer.  You’ll be able to watch, try, experience if you wish but you won’t feel pain.’”

“How can this be?”

“’Becoming a Hook Master implies being particularly brave and valiant.’”

“I?  Brave and valiant?  I hadn’t considered that.”

“’Besides, only creatures from out there who come to you to apply for a hook will be the ones experiencing fun, pain or both, depending.  You’ll be a mere witness, just like with She-Coat.’”

“Ah, but I could feel what the creatures feel, could I not?”


“Chloroph had a point,” ‘there are many facets to a King,’ I said, ‘who are you to judge?’”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!  Chloroph knew who he was dealing with!” Labaguette interrupts abruptly as the Captain slams shut his beak once more, this time holding the damn bird tight under his arm, squeezing him until he can barely draw a single breath.

“Keep going!” the Captain orders, hanging by the King’s lips and as if nothing else mattered.

And the King to add: “’If you choose the device hook’ Chloroph said, ‘you become an object that lives until it becomes obsolete or gets destroyed.  Then only can you move on to being another object.  You select what object you’ll turn into.  You may be tyre, cardboard box, space junk, brick, or anything that isn’t organic but made by creatures of all types.  Usually…‘”


“’I heard.’”

“You don’t know?”

“’Wait, shut up and listen!’”

To be continued


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