“’Ah, mental pain, yes: the more you experience it, the more you can sustain and, as you get stronger, you get used to it, you no longer see it as mental pain and take it in your stride.’”

“An excellent technique that could be used to rule over creatures and make them obedient and submissive if you ask me.  Fortunately, I have She-Coat.”

“’Err, sure.  It is worth noting that the device Hook is usually the least painful and most predictable of the Hooks.  I believe that watching creatures choose their own form of pain and endure it is exactly what you’re looking for.  You’d be entertained in so many more ways than one.  Are we clear on that point now?’”

“I suppose so, keep going.”

“Now, with the creature Hook, you may become worm, leaf, hair, egg yolk, anything that is organic and living and, really, it speaks for itself.  This may be the most physically painful choice as death involves frequent violent events and transformation into another creature can only occur once the creature you inhabit or that inhabits you dies of old age and that you’ve exhausted the life span…  Luck, destiny, whatever it is that is at play here is important.’”

“Who inhabits who exactly?”

“’Never mind that.’”

“You’d have to be mad to—“

“’—As to the space Hook, it requires mental agility and strength in addition to physical resistance and prowess.  Those who chose it often live in some kind of hell for infinity.  It’s as if they get stuck into some vacuum, unless they’re successful.  You may live any experience through it.  ’”

“You’ve lost me.  Why would anyone want to—”

To be continued… ©


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